My name is Gilbert H. Cardenas from California, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife and two children. I’ve worked nearly my entire professional career in education, but my free time involves much more variety.

Growing Up with Cameras

I took my first photography class in middle school and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m old enough to have used a film camera, but most of my experience has been with digital. I enjoy documenting anything: from family functions to events with teachers and students in schools. However, most of the fun was whenever I left the house with my camera and just started shooting pictures.

In my early 20’s, I started to get really into video. Besides digital cameras, I’ve owned many video cameras that recorded to DV cassettes and became very versed in FireWire connections and “downloading” the footage. Although I enjoyed photography, my video matured into freelance work and paid gigs. Video also pushed me to learn some cinematography and special effects (but nothing Hollywood level).

So, photography and videography have both been important to me in different ways. Photography has been a creative outlet while video has brought in some cash. However, I enjoy both thoroughly.

My Panasonic G7
Panasonic G7
Over the decades, I’ve owned many digital cameras and video cameras. However, the Panasonic G7 is the first ILC I’ve owned and kept (I’ve owned a Canon T4i and Sony A6000 on separate occassions and returned each one within a week). The main reason why I purchased this camera is because I want a camera that can handle both photography and videography. The Panasonic G7 fit the bill (literally, because it’s a good deal). I’ve had the camera since January 2017. I hope to document my learning and experiences in this blog.

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