When You’re Not Feeling It

I have not updated this site for awhile. It’s the same reasons you hear from everyone: life got in the way, work just got too busy, or something else you can think of. Yes, those all apply to me.

But, some days where I could have updated or shot some photographs, I just didn’t have the motivation. I didn’t want to go outside and snap some shots. I was more interested in doing something else. I didn’t want to spend time editing and color correcting and sharpening photo after photo after photo.

However, at what point do you get motivated to do something that you enjoy doing? For me, it was a wedding this weekend. Although mostly on baby duty, I was able to snap some family photos. It was fun.

But, it was the last photo, just before I was getting into the car to leave, that sparked motivation again.


Furthermore, earlier this evening, I stumbled upon this video. Coincidence? Yes. But still a worthwhile watch I recommend to photographers looking for motivation.

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